top ten list?

Narrowed down from about 130 films, a very roughdraft of films from the last 25 years. I decided to make it because the Sight & Sound poll for 2012 pretty much only included pre1970 films.

Anycase, without any explanation:

1. Wong Kar Wai: In the Mood for Love [2000]
2. Krzyzstof Kieslowski: Three Colors Trilogy [1993/4]
3. Chen Kaige: Farewell, My Concubine [1993]
4. Takeshi Kitano: Dolls [2002]
5. Darren Aronofsky: The Fountain [2006]
6. Paul Thomas Anderson: There Will Be Blood [2007]
7. Zhang Yimou: To Live [1994]
8. Bruce Robinson: Withnail & I [1987]
9. Jean Pierre Jeunet: Amelie [2001]
10. Terrence Malick : The Tree of Life [2010]

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