where did the month go?

I’ve been inordinately busy, I suppose, reading submissions, reading books, having my lovely and loving girlfriend with me for a week, working the state fair nonstop. It’s been a very crazy month.

Oh, also, Skyrim.

The good Mlaz wrote a review of sorts on facebook:

Reading the masterpiece “Ash Cinema” by Edward J Rathke feels like jumping into the air and never landing on the ground again. The prose is poetic, painful and perfect. It’s all the words I never have when I need

 them. It’s confusing: it is when trying to fold a big map when someone before you folded it all wrong and messed up the folding lines, like a thousand pieces puzzle called “The Endless Grainfield.” Slowly you will see the pattern and get it done though. Rathke is the enigma Sebatian Falke in the end failed to be.
Sometimes people are kinder than they need be, but I appreciate it all the same. Also, if you’ve read it, write a review! And if you haven’t yet, check out what people are saying and then head over to KUBOA to buy it!
There are ads everywhere on the internet now and it’s annoying.
Till next time, which will hopefully be sooner than later. Time should open up again in about a week or so.

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