2010 was one of the most productive years of my life. Three novels written, so many short stories, graduated college, got a job in korea, moved there, and fell in love with my own life for the first time in twenty three years.

I spent the holidays alone that year, which was weird and sort of unpleasant, but not wholly so. I spent new year’s alone until I went out and watched Tron Legacy and then went to some bar where few people spoke any english, all the drinks were free, the bartender put on a fire show, and I lost some game I never really understood the rules of. It was a surprisingly fun night, one of the more enjoyable nights I remember from those early korean days when everyone was a stranger and everything was strange.

The next day I began my fourth novel, To Leave only Shadows, a novel about a city crumbling, people disappearing, and giant ravens. It was the loneliest novel I’ve maybe ever written, so full of longing and lonesomeness, but I think it turned out well.

2011 was an interesting year. Finished two novels and a few novellas and more stories, had my brain and heart break, my life turn wildly, and then returned home. That new year’s celebration was one of the most fun and least fun I’ve had. Sort of a long story involving a blizzard, missing the lightrail, and a cab that cost way too much. The next day was my godson’s baptism.

2012 has been a very strange year and one of my least productive, in certain ways. Spent half the year in transit, going here, then there, and somehow I met Chelsea and my heart belonged to her and every day since has been unlike anything previous in my life. She changed my life and continues to change it and my whole future has turned in a direction unexpected. I’m ending it by applying to MFA programs, getting surgery, and missing her.

But this next year should be big. Should decide a lot of things. At least where I live for the next couple years, if nothing else.

Hopefully all goes well for you fine folk out there.

Good luck, Starchild.

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