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About to get on a plane to go to Boston to hangout with people I primarily know through the internet, friends brought together from worlds apart by the fact that we all stare into computer screens for way too many hours every day. AWP for the second year in a row. I’ll be at the Mudluscious/Dzanc table intermittently as well as wandering as a member of the horde through the book fair.

As you’ve likely noticed, no new stories for the last two weeks and there won’t be one this week either. As predicted, I’ve fallen behind, but I’ll be sure to catch up later.

Got a new job, quit my old one, Chelsea comes in a little over a week, maybe writing a novel in between.

I’ve mostly just taken time off to read, catch up on the books I need to review, and just hangout. I have a lot I need to post in here, a lot of thinking of thoughts, but, for now, just going to tell you that I’ve had important thoughts and interesting things to say but haven’t had the time to say or do most of it.

Anyrate, I’ll see a lot of you at AWP [like anyone reads this, ha], and I’ll see the rest when I return, or something.

Still waiting on graduate schools, too. Probably not getting in anywhere, which actually doesn’t bother me. Another year in asia is what that probably means.

I’ve not washed my hair with soap in over a month but no one seems to’ve noticed so I think I’m done washing my hair.

Anycase: au revoir, mes enfants.

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