ash cinema giveaway

Back from AWP with a lot of big news. Got accepted to the MFA at Boulder, sold a novel to a publisher [though this is a secret], and met and hungout with all kinds of awesome people who were much more interested in my writing than I ever would’ve guessed.

Anyrate, too much to post so I’ll keep it simple. I’m giving away copies of Ash Cinema and my graphic novel, the curious girl floating there. All you need to do is share the Ash Cinema page on your facebook wall to get Ash Cinema and then review it for a copy of the curious girl floating there.

Anyrate, giving about twenty or so away and over half are already claimed, so get on it!

I’ll post about other interesting things on a later date, including new stories, since I’m three stories behind at this moment and heading towards four.

Till then.

Also: the cover of the graphic novel:

Eddy Book cover full

3 thoughts on “ash cinema giveaway

  1. Actually I already have the ebook of Ash Cinema, I was just messing around. I am attempting to read all the Velvet books I own but haven’t read yet and reviewing them, so I’ll be hitting yours soon. Later


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