cipher sisters

Very excited about this new collection from ThunderDome Press, which has a story by me in it. It’s available right here. A lot of very cool writers in here. My copy’s on its way to my house right now and I can’t wait to hold it in my hands, because it looks nice. Pictures below.

I’ll give you a short sample of my story for the collection, which is actually the last story in there.

It was a map and it was her face. Canyons dug by time, ridges and precipices, memories of long gone days. Folds and creases made by unseen hands over a lifetime, their lifetime.


Time carved and wore down their faces, stretched their skin, stole their lustre. All of this taken by Time. Time who hid it. Hid it where they always looked deepest. Hid it where it would never be lost to love. Time stole all that they were, all their beauty and brilliance, and stored it in the eyes of the other. The eyes. Maps to their own shared and separate pasts. Every thought, dream, and prophecy stared back at them even as they projected new ones into those chasms.

You are my sister.

I am your sister.

You are me.

No, but we are one.

What will happen when I die?

I will come too, the sister said to her sister. Lie down now, dear. Rest. Sleep well and easy. You and I may die, but we will live forever in the dreams we share.

The sister tucked in her sister and shuffled on stiff and bony legs to the window where she watched for signs of the star.

To keep reading, buy a copy.

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