we lost time

So much to talk about but I’m going to keep it relatively short. First, business side of things, my interview with the awesome Kirsten Alene is now up at Monkeybicycle. She had such great answers to all my questions. I’m very pleased to see it up. Also, check out her book, Japan Conquers the Galaxy. It’s great.

Anyrate, finally moved in to my new house and we finally have internet. Some peculiar thing’s happening, though, that doesn’t allow my chromebook or ps3 to access the network, but we’ll sort that out. Tonight, hopefully.

The freelancing is going pretty well, too. Finished the first half of my two book edits I’m doing. Payment should come soon. What’s great about it is that I actually really enjoy the books I’m getting paid to edit. I’d say more about them, but I guess I’m not sure what etiquette is for freelancing and discussing unpublished work. Suffice it to say, I’m hoping these find publication and that my assistance helps them get to that next level. One is by a guy who’s had a long career, so the writing just needs touching up. The other is by a young guy who’s written his first novel. The sentence by sentence quality is sort of all over the place, but the narrative is great. He has the characters, the scenes, and the structural stuff that makes a novel succeed. Hopefully with my edits, he can get a proper rewrite that’ll prepare him for publication.

It feels so good to be doing work that feels rewarding. Like I’m helping people realise their dreams.

It’s awesome.

Those are the main jobs I’ve had so far, as I finish my second full week of freelancing. Some projects I’ve discussed with clients are less than awesome and some just end up not being a good fit for either of us. I was really hoping to get this job ghostwriting a novel companion to this videogame the client made, but, alas! When I finish these editing jobs, it should help my reputation a lot.

Oh, also, got contracted this morning to ghostwrite a short nonfiction book for what seems like a lot of money to me. Very excited about that. Might even be able to do the whole thing this weekend, if I get the time.

But, yes, life goes on, and it gets better as it goes.

Probably going to start posting in here more frequently as the freelancing continues, and then as my own writing frees up and I can get all these projects finished.