making beer

Chelsea showed me that last night and I thought it was quite nice.

Anyrate, another interview went up this week. This one from Kij Johnson, who’s pretty famous and pretty awesome.

Interview here.

A few more interviews on there way in the coming weeks from Lindsay Hunter and Jennifer Pelland. A whole mess of books are meant to be arriving soon, so it should be easier to get the rest of the year’s interviews done. Get way ahead of schedule and so on, because sometimes Im really scrambling.

Anyrate, what else? Working on what I think is a YA novella, but it might be a level or so above that. It’s hard for me to judge. It’s called Girl with Ears and Demon with Limp. Hopefully it’ll be ready soon. I’m planning on selfpublishing it as a lead in to Twilight of the Wolves, which should be released early next year, depending on when I get notice back from Steven Erikson.

What else? It’s my birthday weekend. Going to Sigur Ros the day after my birthday. Going to spend the weekend with the beautiful Chelsea. The weekends are nice, spending every hour with her. It makes it impossible to get work done, but work is just work. Love is life.

And I love her. Speaking of, check out her website. You can read about her life and transition to Minnesota from Tennessee.

But, yeah, making beer in a few hours at my sister’s. Should be a good time. There’s also food and icecream cake and whathaveyou.

It’s going to be a good weekend, with lots of drinking and lots of humorous choices, I imagine.

Life’s less reckless these days, but it’s not so bad having a more normal life.