friday so shutup


autumnal wind through trees

driving alone

The haiku ran through my head as I drove down the streets that grow familiar the longer I live here. It’s quite nice, finding a new place to live, learning how to live there. It becomes a new home and it’s weird to drive a car here, owing to how often I’m busing.

Anyrate, just wanted to share a haiku, which is pretty much the only form of poetry I really write, though I’ve been reading a lot lately. Of poetry, I mean. My Black Ocean subscription arrived all at once, which is awesome, as I’ve had books to pour through. Also, Ocean Vuong┬áis maybe my new favorite poet. He’s utterly amazing, and reading him for the first time last week reminded me of when I discovered Rimbaud, though maybe that’s too high of praise.

But, yes, weekend begins and it should be a relaxing one. Chelsea and I are seeing Don Jon tonight, finally, and then tomorrow’s the Twin Cities Book Festival, which should be amazing, because how could it not be?

Oh, also, finally finding some freelancing jobs. Not so much yet, so I’ll likely still get a part time job, but it feels good to see the work paying off again.

Till next time.