my body is a leaf

my body a leaf

yellowing & hanging loose

i’ll meet earth soon

Watching AdventureTime, working on different things. I need to write a bunch of stories before the end of the month in order to qualify for paying markets. Did I mention that? I decided only to submit to paying places, for the most part. There are loads of calls for submission every month for themed issues of things, and I figure I’ll just throw as many stories at as many different markets as I can until I start making money.

Also, looking for a part time job, which is going not the best, though I do have an interview on Monday for an Admin spot on a writing website, which will pay. I figure if I can get just 40 hours a month out of that, I’ll be able to cover my expenses, and any freelance work will only add on top of that.

But, yeah, gonna work on some writing this weekend. Still owe J David Osborne a novel, which I really really really need to finish.

So it goes.


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