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The Revenge of the Scammed Indiegogo has slowed down considerably, but we’re still doing an amazing job. Next week I’m going to begin rolling out some of these rewards and hopefully attract more attention to it. I figure if we can hit the halfway point this week, we’ll be in very solid shape.

Still recovering from the loss, and the only way for me to do that is to just keep working. More work, better work, done more often. So I’m in a constant hustle to try to make up for all I lost. It’s not ideal to be climbing a mountain only to have someone push you back to where you began. But the only thing to do is give up or just start climbing again. This campaign is going to be huge in assisting me back up there, but a lot of this is still on me, to pick myself up and keep pushing.

But, yeah, loads of great rewards still available and the anthology is going to be awesome. I’ve received such amazing support from so many people. It makes me want to cry from how kind everyone is.

But I soldier on.

Already hit 5k for the day on Be Careful, My Children which puts me at about 17k total, and I should have no trouble reaching 20k tonight. I may even be able to reach it in a few hours.

Here’s a chapter, because why not?

She wasn’t born Angel de Paz Pizarro, but became her through will. She grew up in Pyonyang, an orphan like Park Jiyun. Because of her name and her clearly hispanic ethnicity, no one would have any trouble accepting a name like Angel de Paz Pizarro, no matter how audacious it is. Most people don’t know her native tongue is Korean and that she only learnt Spanish later, like everyone does. If you pay attention to the way she speaks, you’ll even notice the Korean accent.

Her given name was Kim Haneul and she grew up in the same neighborhood as Park Jiyun, if you can believe it. In the same apartment complex, even, and they were friends from a very early age. The only two people with the most expertise on the niños were also eaten by them, and raised within the same building in decaying Pyonyang, the last of the great Korean cities. Most people believe that Park Jiyun’s family was killed when Seoul became a crater and most people believe Haneul comes from Mexican diplomats also killed in the Seoul disaster.

These two have been bound together for their whole lives and no one knew. There are even rumors, absurd as they may be, that the two were telepaths, and communicated throughout their lives, even hundreds of miles away, even after Jiyun died.

There’s some evidence to that. It can hardly be coincidence that Haneul showed up at Antiguoniño only days after Jiyun left. Long before the book was published or even close to finished, Haneul was there.

I’ve been trained not to believe in fate or coincidence but there’s something to these two women and the niños, and it’s something larger than setting and time. It almost makes me believe in the quantum magic alleged. You hear the whispers, don’t you? How they’re were psychically linked, or how the Dust of the niños calls them? How the Tree is a bridge between dimensions or realities or is some secret explanation behind string theory, despite it being disproved centuries ago? How the gods of the niños have become our gods and set a series of events in motion that will lead to some future cataclysm?

If these gods always existed, why are they only relevant to us now? What does that say about godliness? Do gods only matter when you’re aware of them or when you believe in them? Are the niños gods? Are they evolved versions of us or are we evolved versions of them? Are they one of the many missing links in our evolution, or are they something separate and new entirely?

And if they are a species so separate from us, is it murder?

I mean that in a very real way. We don’t consider it murder or cannibalism when we eat rats or wolves, so why should they feel regret over the consumption of some higher or lesser being? And who’s responsible? How do you find a criminal in a population if every citizen is guilty?

You see, I just don’t see the purpose of all of this. I don’t see what’s to be done or why anything needs to be done. I think it’s clear they want nothing to do with us, and I think it should finally be clear that we should have nothing to do with them.

Do you believe the Dust calls you? Do you believe the gods have finally revealed themselves, and, after all this time, the european men really were its image and likeness?

Is it significant that Jiyun and Haneul share all these similarities?

I don’t know. I truly have no idea.

But don’t believe everything you hear about these two, and believe almost nothing you hear about the niños. Those who spend time with them become drunk on the uncanniness and those who study them see only their own projections.

We discovered a new world in this dead and dying one and we’re working tirelessly to reduce or aggrandise it, depending on who you ask. Eventually you’ll have so many blurred versions of the same stories told wrong that you won’t be able to tell the truth when you finally see it. Maybe you ought to go there and see for yourself.

Better yet, ask the niños. Let them speak for themselves.


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