rethinking the recently finished novel

I realised in the week since completing the novel that it was limiting and foolish to include males in it. So I’m going to rewrite the final chapter and remove its maleness by creating another gender, which is easier than it sounds. This means probably nothing to anyone who isn’t me and it’s theoretical in a way that’s not new but it’s how I choose to engage in these topics.

It’s actually something I think about a lot. There are so many words devoted to gender politics and all that, and I don’t engage with ideas like that, in the way they’re typically presented. And so for me to understand things, I need to make them up and write the impossible into real life, so it can fit in my head.

But, yeah, that should make it more interesting. I mean, I wrote it, so that’s all the maleness that needs to be in the novel.

I think I’m going to write an epic poem about giant monsters and love. It should be a fun companion to the giant monster novel I’m planning on writing very soon. Currently rewatching all kinds of giant monster movies/shows and calling it research to prepate.

Watched Young Adult just now and it was okay. I think the last ten or so minutes ruin everything that came before. It sort of validates the horrible person that the main character is. It’s showing you how they’re a complete wreck but then trying to justify it by saying, At least you don’t live in this stupid small town. Or, maybe it’s not saying that, but it felt like it was, and it felt really hollow.

But, yeah, tomorrow’s Chelsea’s last day in Minnesota for about a week. She’ll get to recharge in the heat of Tennessee while I languish here in the cold. But Bart and Charlie are in town, so there’s fun to be had.

If you’re wondering why I’ve posted so much this month, it’s because I decided several months ago that I wanted to reach 600 posts by the end of the year. Because I’m pretty bad at updating, I had a ways to go this month, but now I’m just a few away.

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