the newest new year

The year started off weird, but last one ended great. After midnight, the night sort of became a blur and every thing I did following that can only be described as peculiar, weird, reckless, and mostly just annoyingly foolish.

But that’s my life, yeah?

Spent all of yesterday recovering from all the drinks I drank.

Anyrate, because I’ve fallen so far out of my old habit of daily film watching, I’ve decided to try to watch at least one film every day. This really isn’t a difficult thing, and for years I watched several films every day, and then read two or three books a week, too. So I’m going to try to get on that schedule again. But, with that in mind, I watched Computer Chess last night, which was only all right. It seems like the kind of film I’d love, but it all seemed sort of pointless. Pointlessness is generally fine, but, I mean, I don’t even understand why the film was made, to be honest. I liked it well enough, but it seemed to be a film that simply points at interesting ideas, as if that makes a film interesting. Nothing’s developed or explored and nothing really happens. It’s clear that the lives of at least three of the characters will change maybe dramatically sometime after the events of the film, and maybe that’s enough.

I enjoyed it, and maybe I just have a cool reaction to it because I was tired and hungover.

I also have the intention to post here more often, and probably to post a lot of little fragments of this giant world I’ve created and developed for basically my whole life. It’ll be sort of contextless paragraphs about existence there. Probably only of interest to me, but hopefully it becomes more so by the time my next novel comes out, when people can read a novel set in that world.

The indiegogo campaign continues! We have $1,200 to go in the next eighteen days, so get out and help me out! Also, get yourself some awesome rewards in return.

I’ll probably be writing my giant monster novel next week. It becomes clearer and clearer in my head every day, so now it’s just a matter of putting the words down.