13 angels screaming at the mountain

is going to be the name of my next novel, which is going to be a giant monster novel that stretches over about 150 years, I think. Maybe more. It should be a great deal of fun to write, and I think it’ll start sort of as a comedy, then move into existential horror, because monster movies are never really about the monster. They’re about us, and what it means to be human in a world that doesn’t want us.

Or at least that’s how I see everything.

So it’s going to be surreal and hectic and probably sort of insane, but there will also be an enormous mountain of light and thirteen angels screaming, so there’s at least that image to look forward to.

Watched Frances Ha last night by Noah Baumbach and I sort of hateloved it. Noah Baumbach is one of my favorite american directors, but I really didn’t like Greenberg, and this was sort of a mix for me. Sometimes I hated it and sometimes I loved it, but I think that means it was successful, given how Baumbach loves to push awkward at the viewer. It’s definitely worth seeing, even though it’ll frustrate you and the rent prices of New York will amaze you. She was paying almost as much for one room as I do for an entire house.

Got a few new freelancing jobs, which should provide consistent pay, which is great. Last month was pretty slow in that regard, but this month should be much better. I mean, it already is. And if the indiegogo gets funded, I’ll basically be healed from my tragic money problems.

Speaking of, we’re coming to the end of the campaign and there’s still a way to go. So do anything you can to help out. Get yourself some rewards, spread the word, share the link, whatever. I would greatly appreciate it.

Already the response has been so amazing and I can’t begin to thank everyone for doing so much for me. It’s been an amazing gift to know how beautiful you all are, and how kind the world can be.

But, yeah, please spread the word and get yourself some amazing rewards. Every single one of these is something I would buy without hesitation, so you won’t be disappointed by anything in there.

Thank you, and I love you.