but it’s cold

Very cold. Absurdly cold. So cold I don’t want to do anything. -20 degrees with -50 windchill, or something like that. It’s made me lazy today. And cold. So cold.

I don’t feel well. I suppose I feel quite unhappy. I think that’s normal.

The Great Beauty is a beautiful and great film that I watched last night. I have more to say about it but I feel cold, unhappy, and lazy. I think it’s my favorite film I’ve watched so far this year. It begins with bombast and over the top lifestyle but becomes so much more. It’s funny and cutting and sweet. Though it’s about a lonely, aged, unhappy writer, it feels like love. It’s a film about loving life, though it seems at times ambivalent about living. It feels very close to me and it just manages to capture a great deal of beauty and humor and fun.

I watched Frances Ha the other day too, and I both enjoyed it and didn’t like it. I think I talked about it already, but maybe not. It also reminds me of life. The Talented Mr Ripley is what I watched today and it was pretty interesting, especially seeing how it treats consequence. I’ve never really seen a film that just goes for the darkness and lives there. I think it’s the ending Breaking Bad should’ve had, though, I mean, it’s hard to compete with that show, and it ended pretty well.

The wonderful Jazmyn Mares sent me the artwork for the graphic novel I’m going to write and I’m very excited. I should be writing it relatively soon. Hopefully even this month. It’ll be a beautiful thing, and she sent me awesome art to work with.

I don’t know. I’ve had better days.

My body feels weak.

I feel weak.

But we need to keep moving forward. Hopefully I can get to AWP this year.

I also think I’m going to learn how to make my own cover art for a novella I want to publish soon. Who knows if I’ll ever actually do anything with that, but I’m going to try to teach myself something useful.

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