january, you’ve been kinder than expected

I hate winter and always have, but this month’s treated me very well. I had some short stories accepted to journals. My indiegogo campaign become fully funded! I got copies of my soon to be released novel. I got artwork for some novellas that I have secret plans for. I got the artwork for a graphic novel I’m going to be starting next week.

There are other things, too, but I just want to say a quick thank you to everyone who’s made this month amazing. By helping me with my indiegogo campaign, you’ve given me hope and security, and you’ve nearly erased the horrible situation I fell into.

I’m very hopeful this year. I believe it should be a good one.

I hope it turns out well for all of you.

Thanks again, endlessly.

something awesome this way comes



Artwork done by the beautiful and awesome Jazmyn Mares. I wish she had a website so I could point you towards more of her art, but this will be out soon.

And she also did the artwork for the graphic novel I’ll be starting next week, and then we’ll have many more surprises in the future.

The start of a very cool artistic relationship.

Look out for this soon.