we will tell you what you are and you will learn to like it

Everywhere I look on the internet there’re thought pieces about feminism or feminists. What they should be, how they behave, how they should behave, how women should be and behave, how they should think.

Probably no one needs a white american male to say anything on the topic, but I find it all quite silly and reductive.

I find it silly on both sides.

It’s absurd for anyone to tell women how they should behave, whether the person instructing is female or not, is a feminist or not. Codifying behavior works well in a laboratory setting and is pretty important to psychology, sociology, and neuroscience, but classifying every communication and behavior and disagreement and opinion is not only absurd, it’s destructive.

Probably it sounds stupid to tell people to get along, but it’s really the only thing to do.

I guess I’m being quite vague with all of this, but it just sort of bores me. Maybe it’s because I stopped posting about politics and so I stopped arguing with strangers on the internet, but I just can’t pay attention or care about all these ideological rifts and schisms.

Feminists fight over what it means to be a feminists, what feminism should be, and then there are those who scream about the existence of feminism at all.

Just be decent humans to each other.

There’s not much more to say than that, but I’ll just outline some things quickly, I guess.

  • Women absolutely have the right to be furious about the patriarchal nature of the world.
  • More than that, those who are furious are correct to be furious.
  • There are far more productive things to be than furious.
  • Anger rarely serves any purpose.
  • Anger causes people to dig trenches and return with more anger.
  • Men need to shut up. All of us. All the time.
  • I’m sick of hearing men talk about women.
  • Even the ones who think they’re on the female side.
  • Maybe especially those ones because they tend to be horrible misogynists without bothering to examine their attitudes.
  • And everyone needs to work towards unification, rather than division.
  • All I see is splintering.
  • It’s a huge bummer.

I guess that’s all I have to say today.

Be kinder.

Every day.

Here’s a nebula.