ydde who

Been doing a lot since I last posted. Things have changed in a big way. A very very good way though.

Anyrate, I tried to write a novel almost two weeks ago. Got a thousand words in and realised it wasn’t what it was meant to be or what I wanted it to be. I was relying too much on my familiar tricks: lots of narrators, lots of shits, weird structure, obfuscation. So I shelved it and tried to write a completely different novel but got nowhere on that either.

So I had two novels I needed to write. One about a hermit and accidental cult leader, the other about a young female graverobber.

Had no idea how to write either one and it was tearing at me, berating me.

And then on Tuesday they both took shape in my head. The hermit/cult leader one is going to be very much influenced by Milan Kundera, and I’m sort of going to steal his style, since I think I need to write in a radically new way. Or at least a radically new one for me. And then the graverobbing novel will be more similar to how I wrote Twilight of the Wolves, but much, much shorter and set in this world. They’ll actually both be set in this world. Sometimes people call it the real world or earth.

It began like wildfire on Wednesday morning and now I’m nearly seventy pages into one of them and it feels glorious. It’s a bit of magic realism and surrealism but also set in a mostly present day world, which is so strange to write again, after several years writing centuries in the future or in completely different realities.

I think I’m about halfway finished, maybe more. Hoping to get another 5,000 words in today, though that may not happen. I leave for Chicago on Sunday and will be there for almost a week, so I’d like to have it finished before then, but that’s very soon.

We’ll see though. It’s going to be a short novel, so it’s definitely possible. These last 20,000 words or so should be pretty fast paced.

I hope.

Other than that, I’ve been spending way to much time playing Civilization V but I also started working out again, so I should be in good shape in a few months. Finally.

It really sucks being fat.

I’ll hopefully start using my site more again. I have lots of thoughts about a lot of things and I want to get them down here.

Maybe soon.

Later, gators.

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