white dudes smug in their bigotry

Tell me this doesn’t sound like Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity or any other white conservative dude with a huge public platform?

These men give atheists a bad name, and they give liberalism a bad name.

While I agree that the mainstream liberal ideology is sort of useless, I think what Maher, Harris, and Dawkins say and have said about Muslims over and over again for the last decade is quite obviously racist and imperialistic.

Been a while since I posted, but this is something I think about a lot. The failure of liberals [especially white liberals] to look at the world around them and think critically. If you think a religion or all religions is the greatest threat to existence, I think you’re being a bit insane.

Religion is a tool used by humans. Some use it for antisocial purposes, and some use it for prosocial purposes.

If I murder someone with a hammer, the hammer is not to blame.

If I murder someone in the name of christianity or judaism or islam, it says more about me than it does about any of those religions.

One thought on “white dudes smug in their bigotry

  1. You’re so cool, very few people think like this. Most of them just parrot bigotry just to either shock people with their “edgy” views or just to spew out more hatred, because for some odd reason they feel that they are superior or they either read the wrong books or read none at all. Something like that.


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