how new year resolutions are going

Well for the most part!

I’m near the end of two different videogames. I’ve written at least one poem and watched at least one film every day so far. I was going to write a short story today, but I’m still feeling pretty ill so nothing yet.

So this is how I think it’ll work:

In 2013 I planned on writing and publishing a short story every Sunday, but I think I’ll aim for Wednesdays this year.

Also, an idea came to me as I couldn’t sleep last night: I’m [possibly] going to have each story set in the same world as Girl with Ears and Twilight of the Wolves, and each is going to have the same protagonist. Or, maybe not the same protagonist, but the same character will be in every story.

Haven’t done any drawing yet and have yet to read something in translation, but I think I’ll do that tonight. Also, since I’ve been sick literally this entire year, I’ve not done any physical exercise yet. Haven’t started any novels written by women yet either, and I’ve not published anything either.

But yeah, lots of things I’m planning on doing and I think I’m doing okay, four days in.

Hopefully I feel better tomorrow. Also, I think I’m going to start publishing the poetry on the tumblr I never use.

Read them right here.

Here’s an image.