leisurely novelling

I started a new novel, which has been fun. I’m taking it much slower than normal, mostly because I’m just expanding two short stories that, by themselves, amount to about 13,000 words. I’m mostly expanding scenes and writing connective tissue between the scenes. It’s making for a very character focused novel about memory, perception, myths, stories, how legends start and how they become their own thing.

Anyrate, I’ve written about 2,000 words a day, which is far below average. I’m kind of hoping to finish it by the end of February, though I wouldn’t be surprised if it happens far sooner than that, since it’s sometimes difficult for me to hold back from spending all day writing.

See, I’m trying to be productive in my actual life and not just on my novel.

Means lots of compartmentalising of the day.

Often times I make playlists for any novel I’m writing, but I’ve mostly been listening to a couple of songs repeatedly. For example, that version of Skinny Love at the top of the post. It’s my favorite version of that song ever recorded.

I miss Bon Iver. I used to be really into him when I lived in Ireland. I listened to him almost every day while I was there.

Thing is, I wasn’t a huge fan of his second album. You know, the one that he won awards for. But his first one is much purer, I think. It’s gentle and ethereal and hopeless. It reminds me of being in love and not feeling it back. It reminds me of wandering crowded streets alone through misting rain and wondering what my life would be like when I went back home, if I even wanted to go home. If I wanted to spend any amount of time back in america.

But, at the same time, I find that it gives me hope, even though it feels tragic.

Anyrate, that’s kind of an aside.

My new novel isn’t really related to those emotions, though it may be tonally similar.

I just kind of miss Bon Iver. Mostly the Bon Iver from 2008, which is the one I know best.

Also, that version of For Emma, Forever Ago is so ecstatically beautiful.

Tomorrow’s another day of trying to stay away from the novel for all but two or three hours a day. Doing a few thousand words and then spending the rest of the day working my dayjob, loving my wife, and enjoying the other aspects of my life.

Take care, Starchild.

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