where to find me online

Mostly making this post because it’s come to my attention that people have been trying to contact me through facebook.

I deleted my facebook account a while ago. I don’t remember when but I don’t think it’s been that long. Maybe six weeks?

Anyrate, I deleted it, but I think Chelsea inadvertently undeleted it when she was using my computer and trying to check her facebook. My email and password autofill and she likely just hit enter and that reinstated my account. So you can see me logged in there, which is whatever, but I’ve not been on the site since I deleted it.

But, yeah, if you’re looking for me online, your best bet is twitter. If you want to see various pictures of my cat sleeping in odd positions, check out my instagram. If you want to read book reviews, head to goodreads. Those can all be found with relative ease, I think.

As to why I quit facebook: no single specific reason. It was just bumming me out. I’ll probably be back on eventually. Maybe after the election or something. I can’t handle all the politics, mostly because I think just about everyone I know on facebook is really incorrect about most conceivable things, but especially because I think you’re all imperialistic maniacs.

Take that sentence with a wink, maybe. Or be offended. It wasn’t a particularly nice or fair thing to write, but you’ll get over it. Especially if you’re even bothering to come to my site!

I haven’t been doing anything particularly interesting with my time off facebook. Mostly I’ve been procrastinating on my novel, though I finally jumped into it again this week and have added about 25k words. Probably somewhere around 100k words more to write. At 160k, it’s already the longest thing I’ve ever written by a considerable margin.

My goal was to finish this by my birthday, but I don’t know if I’ll hit that mark. My birthday’s fast approaching and there’s a long way to go. But, who knows!

Anyrate, I keep meaning to update here. I’ll try to be more frequent. Once I finish the novel I’ll be looking for beta readers. I’d like to have at least a dozen, but you never get what you want.

But, yeah, don’t look for me on facebook right now. Though, who knows, I may be back by the end of the week.

There’s no sense to these things.

Take care.

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