the morning after

Don’t even know what to say, but my words don’t matter much right now.

I was super wrong about this election though. Just yesterday, my brother and I were joking about how bad Trump was going to lose. We kind of laughed it off, mentioned how we both weren’t excited about a Clinton presidency, but didn’t see a possibility where she would lose.

Around 8pm last night, I still thought the world was overreacting. I kind of laughed it off again, thought it would be closer than expected, but there’s no way Trump could win.

Around 11pm, it wasn’t really a joke anymore. Trump was going to be our president.

And now he is.

My feelings on the matter don’t count for much right now, but I’m disturbed by the blame game Democrats are playing. None of it is productive and none of it shows an understanding of why they lost. It may just be the lament over what was lost, but very soon they need to really look at their party and why they lost. It’s easy to say racist idiots stole the election, but it ignores a lot of what’s happened this election cycle.

And then there’s the hilarious one about how third party voters gave this election to Trump.

Gary Johnson was the only third party candidate who won enough votes to make a difference in any state. So let’s assume that third party candidates can only be spoilers.

If that’s the case, Johnson voters are what kept those close races close. If you think Gary Johnson voters had Clinton as their alternative, you probably don’t know any Johnson voters. If you think the far left lined up behind a guy who thinks the solution to climate change is colonizing Mars, you’ve probably never spent much time listening to the far left talk about which issues are most important to them. So if anyone should be upset by third party candidates, it should be Trump supporters, who would’ve blown Clinton out of the water in certain battleground states.

But Trump won, and the GOP now has control of all three branches of the government. I don’t think a party has ever had such a dominant position over the other in decades. Maybe ever. Someone who knows history better will probably be able to fact check that, but it’s a pretty strange place to be in.

We thought Trump was going to blow up the GOP. Well, it turns out he blew up the Democratic party in a very real and substantial way.

But if you think Trump is a disaster, today is when the fight starts. If you think Trump is a magnificent thing that happened, well, the fight begins for you too.

Because nothing will happen without an active populace. Even with his very strong position, with the other two branches of government behind him, he can still face great opposition.

Most importantly, listen to the communities most effected by the election result. Talk to people. Go out and organize. Listen and pay attention.

The next two years will decide much of what’s to come. I hope we’re ready.

I know I wasn’t, but I only slept a few hours, and I think I may be ready on this cold November morning.


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