Good walkers leave no tracks.
Good talkers don’t stammer.
Good counters don’t use their fingers.
The best door’s unlocked and unopened.
The best knot’s not in a rope and can’t be untied.

So wise souls are good at caring for people,
never turning their back on anyone.
They’re good at looking after things,
never turning their back on anything.
There’s a light hidden here.

Good people teach people who aren’t good yet;
the less good are the makings of the good.
Anyone who doesn’t respect a teacher
or cherish a student
may be clever, but has gone astray.
There’s a deep mystery here.

Lao Tzu
Ursula K Le Guin’s version

Tonight, all I can think of when reading this poem is that we must care for one another.

The Tao asks that we be good to one another. That we care. That we teach. That we respect. That we cherish.

Don’t turn your back on what’s happening. What we’ve all done as members of the Empire of America.

Be good to one another.

Care for everyone.