people and emails

My interview with Ytasha L Womack at Monkeybicycle.

She’s amazing and be sure to check out her site.

Wrote about 20,000 words of short stories this last week and I’m working on getting them all in final form, which I think I completed this morning. Doing a bunch of submissions tonight, probably. Also got an email from China Mieville telling me he can’t blurb my book but he’ll be looking for it when it comes out, which is pretty cool news. Also got an email from a publisher interested in the poetry collection I wrote earlier this month, which is pretty nifty. Hopefully it works out.

Going to try to write a poetry chapbook right now, hopefully have it ready for tomorrow.

What else? Oh, some good stuff on the freelancing front, but I did a bunch of edits for this novel I’m working on, and for whatever reason they didn’t save properly in the file, so I need to restart. And editing something twice is the opposite of fun. But, that’s the job. Should work out fine, but now I’m on a quicker deadline than expected.

Also, digitally going to Blizzcon next weekend to write about Heroes of the Storm.

Anyrate, Chelsea’s birthday went well and I go to see her in a few hours.



Made a lot of contacts at the Twin Cities Book Festival, but, more than that, it was just a great time.  But, yeah, hopefully even a job’s going to come out of that. Met some organisations to make this freelancing thing really viable, learnt how to teach creative writing right here in Minneapolis, and how to be an adult education teacher right down the street.

One of the best parts of the Festival was Ytasha L Womack’s talk on afrofuturism. ‘Race is a technology.’ Man, hearing that, it was like my brain melted. So very interesting and an awesome way to contextualise that.

Completed a freelance job last night by writing this site for Warmachine: Tactics and also helped out on the Rimworld wikia site, which looks like an amazing game, one I may even buy. Got a few other things in the works, but if I could just focus on writing wikis I could make a living that ain’t so bad.

Anyrate, what else? Found some publishers who may be interested in some work, even one who may be interested in the Call to Artists stuff. I’m very excited today, and I had the great pleasure of reading For All These Wretched, Beautiful & Insignificant Things So Uselessly & Carelessly Destroyed by Hosho McCreesh this morning. What a perfect book to start the day. Probably perfect for any time of day, but it felt so good to have that in me right after I woke up.

Probably other things. Going to keep hustling for work, start looking for a local part time job, and get involved in all sorts of other thing. And, of course, write.