i suppose an update

goes here. Work on the novel goes slow because I seem always exhausted and also short of time so I can only get a few hours to actually work at a time, usually three to four hours a day, and I’ve been averaging around 2,000 words a day, which isn’t terrible, I guess, but it’s so unbearably slow, and it’s making what already began as a very strange novel into an ever stranger one, endlessly fragmented.

Anycase, all kinds of things me have been going online. Or, not really. Just three things, but that seems like a lot, especially since this is just since yesterday.

A review of Michael Moorcock’s The Warlord of the Air:

A revolutionary pirate dreams of equality and gathers the world’s intellectuals into a sprawling anarchic society poised to fight off the empires that live in such grandeur by destroying and subjugating the rest of the world, from China to South America. What began as an interesting voyage becomes a revolutionary war where dirigibles and atom bombs erupt, where Ronald Reagan is a brutish boy scout, where the Vladimir Lenin is a failed and despondent old man.

A review of Karin Tidbeck’s Jagannath:

Jagannath will envelope you. It will breathe new and old life into you, transforming whatever was there before. These are stories of great power and beauty and terror, so do not take it lightly. While it can be read on the beach or couch or in bed, this is not a casual read. Tidbeck takes us on thirteen distinct journeys that do not so much bend reality as show you the uncanny worlds that lay hidden behind reality’s sheen.

The best books I read in 2012.

Oh, too, finally found Max Richter’s ballet Infra online.

I love how barebones this is–nothing but the stage, the music, and the bodies.

I’ve listened to this ballet, Infra, hundreds if not thousands of times and it wasn’t till now, seeing it performed, that I really feel I understand it. It’s opened up immensely and transformed in my head from something that was merely beautiful to this glory.

I never realised how much it was about control, how much it had to say about life in the 21st century, how concerned it is with alienation, and I cried three times in the half hour this takes to watch. It’s amazing and perfect, and Marianela Nunez is perfect, as she always is, as she had to be. I feel so much right now it’s hard to even put it in to words.

More essays and criticisms should be on their way as I write them. I have big plans and once I get the time to write them, I should be dumping them all over.

Anycase, I hate my job and so am looking for a new one. If you have a job or know of one that needs a human, let me know.

This has more tags than anything on my whole site.


A very special lady may be coming to see me very soon, hopefully.

Also, a google search that brought someone to my website today was Polina Semionova feet, which is my new favorite thing of the day. Speaking of favorite things, did I mention that I write a weekly column at Manarchy Magazine? If not, just know that I do, and today’s list is up right at this click.

I love her ^

What else is happening in my life? I can never seem to remember who I am or what I’m doing. I was going to start back into my alchemy tonight but then I got distracted.

I’m working out again, for the first time since January, trying to quit being such a fat dummy. It feels good.

Anyrate, more inanity!

Or, you know, you could read this click and discover something very interesting.

curiouser and curiouser

I’ve been interviewed by Amanda Gowin at Curiouser and Curiouser about a wide array of random things. The interview took place in early March, so it’s very much who I was at that moment.

There are many more interviews coming there and a few that’ve already been done, so keep looking for them and checking back in.

Oddly, this reminds me I need to update all the links on the sidebar there, even though no one ever clicks them.

i amsterdam

Hanging out in Amsterdam. Spent today and yesterday just wandering, getting super lost, but eventually finding me and other vaguely familiar things. Anycase, it’s been a great three weeks in europe. Falling in love, deeper and deeper, living perfectly imperfect.

Just catching up on all the silly shows I watch at the moment, like Community and Parks and Rec.

Queen’s Day this weekend, then to Paris where I’m going to find Chipotle because it’s apparently there now, then back to Nantes, then to Vienna and Prague and eastern europe. Finally, back home.

It’s funny how used to someone you can become. Sleeping alone already feels weird.

I miss you.

allnight dancetrash

I’m frustrated.

Finaly Fantasy XIII is rather disappointing. The battle system’s pretty great but the story’s pretty not. It’s a beautiful looking game and all that, but it’s lacking a lot of what makes Final Fantasy games so awesome. Though, too, this is my first time really playing a game in, like, eight years.

I bought a Playstation 3. Because I was bored. I have many things to write before I go to France.

But all I do is sit and sit and lie down.

But not sleep.

I miss my Lily.

mornings remind me of you

These autumnal days resurrect me in the proper way and all I want to do is sit inside of it, breathe, and close my eyes for days and years, wake up in a new world that was always here.

Molly Gaudry‘s The Lit Pub is back! Click the link and browse around. There are even a few [five] posts by me about my favorite books, which can be found at the click.

Meant to be doing some reviewing, some reading, but all I want is to expand beyond my body and float into the sky, be a cloud.

And then because she’s my favorite ballerina and I love me some Prokofiev: