oh, today is full of things

There’s so much going around facebook right now that I can’t keep up, so I’ll try to dump it all here.

Congratulations to Mary Miller and Kyle Minor for all the awesome press they’re getting for their books, The Last Days of California and Praying Drunk, respectively.

Kyle Minor press:

Interview at Other People with Brad Listi

Tinhouse interview

Believer interview

Boston Globe review

Kirkus review

And then this Buzzfeed list is a good transition, since Mary and Kyle are both on it

Mary Miller:

Interview at Brooklyn Rail

Electric Literature interview

Hobart interview

Review at Heavy Feather Review

New York Times review

All right, I think that catches us up.

Oh, and some things about me:

Cover art for my forthcoming novel Noir: A Love Story done by Ryan W Bradley.

something awesome this way comes



Artwork done by the beautiful and awesome Jazmyn Mares. I wish she had a website so I could point you towards more of her art, but this will be out soon.

And she also did the artwork for the graphic novel I’ll be starting next week, and then we’ll have many more surprises in the future.

The start of a very cool artistic relationship.

Look out for this soon.