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My interview with Giannina Braschi went up today at Monkeybicycle. I’ve had a lot of great responses from the people I’ve interviewed, but I think this is my favorite. Giannina Braschi is an amazing writer and her novel United States of Banana is absolutely amazing. I urge you to buy this book today and read it immediately.

Anyrate, the interview is here. Buy her novel here. And her website is here.

In other news, I’m working on becoming a freelance writer. The thought’s been here for a while but I guess I never thought about pursuing it in any real way. That is, until this week. After researching it earlier this week, I began applying on Wednesday and have gotten about five jobs in the last twenty four hours. Most of these are pretty low paying, doing simple things, but this is sort of the beginnings of a foundation. I figure the most important thing is building a reputation, and the only way to do that is to take these smaller jobs that don’t pay so much. Though, even a two that I have taken, which are primarily writing short 500 word articles for different businesses, will gradually increase their pay amount. Sent in my test sample for one of them today, which, if accepted, pays me about six dollars. From there, the pay only increases, which is exciting.

I have a few potential jobs that could begin paying a real and usable amount of money. One is for editing a novel, which, if I get it, will pay me between $200 and $300. If I can get just a few jobs like that a month, I’ll be doing pretty well. My rent plus utilities will be under $500, and with an extra $100 for food, I just need to make about $600 per month to essentially break even. Anything over that is for me and all the enjoyable things I do with my time.

$600 seems like a reasonable starting point, but I plan and hope to make more than that each subsequent month. But, yeah, as my reputation grows and solidifies, I think this will all become much easier and I should be able to get by pretty well.

Anycase, I think I might sort of document this freelancing career. Or potential career.

Wish me luck, dummies.

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Also interviewed xTx at Monkeybicycle. Just got some answers back from Giannina Braschi, which will go up in two weeks. Super excited about posting that one, as she gave amazing answers to my fumbling questions.

Never have any idea if I’m doing interviews well. They’re so strange to do, but hopefully people dig them. I mean, I guess, for me, the goal is to take all the focus off me and put it on them, because no one reads an interview for the interviewer. It’s about the person being interviewed, so I just try to get out of the way and let them talk.

Went to The National the other day with the generous and awesome Nate Tower, editor and founder of Bartleby Snopes. Got to here these guys as the opener:

What else? My last day of my job is tomorrow and I’ve nothing lined up, which is bad planning, but hopefully something comes soon. Working on two novels for J David Osborne and thinking up all kinds of ideas on the otherside of publishing, randomly.

Busy busy busy.