birthday and so on

It was my birthday on Monday and it was pretty nice. Chelsea bought me a bookshelf, which I desperately need, and she bought me, like, three dinners, and made me dinner–one big pile of chili. She’s really the greatest and she makes me a very lucky boy. I am a very lucky boy, and mostly because of her.

It’s been a strange year and so much has changed since meeting her, since being with her. But I’m excited about the years to come, knowing now what I want out of life, or at least having some semblance of a plan. We’ll see how the writing and editing goes, and hopefully I can really make it a career.

Anyrate, my interview with Jennifer Pelland went up yesterday at Monkeybicycle.

And, more than that, some of you know I went to St Louis the other day to see Sigur Ros. It was a long drive there, but it didn’t feel like it. We spent the whole time talking and it sort of flew by. Then we hungout in St Louis for a while, which is the first time I’ve been there, and then we went to the concert. It was in the Fox Theatre, which is a beautiful venue and sort of perfect for a Sigur Ros concert.

Scheduled for eight, everything began on time, which is unusual for a concert, I think. Julianna Barwick was the opener, and she was pretty great, playing her surreal multilayered songs for half an hour. Then half an hour in between, and then Sigur Ros.

Their performance was unreal. They played for about an hour and forty minutes, but it felt like no time at all. They played a few songs of the new album, Kveikur, which were so metal and energetic. It was phenomenal. They played a mix of older songs, too, but mostly they kept that high intensity going. Jonsi sawing on the guitar with his bow and I was so caught up in the moment I could barely think. When they played Glosoli, I cried a little near the end. Jonsi’s such an amazing person to watch. He puts so much into his singing and it was always perfect. The way he’d hit notes and the look on his face, and even when his voice faltered and failed, it was like sitting in an earthquake, my heart rattling, my breath short, and my mouth hanging open. During Festival he held one of those beautiful notes for what seemed like forever, but was probably at least a minute, if not more. I melted. I was so constantly overwhelmed that it was just insane. I was worn out but also incredibly energised. Also, something I didn’t ever imagine before is how menacing and sinister Jonsi could look. He’s so tiny and frail that he sort of looks like a scarecrow, and when he’s sawing on his guitar thrashing around stage, he looks like the demon he’s not, and then when he’s bringing the beauty, he appears like the god he is.

Then came the very long drive back, which I tried to stay up for, and mostly I did, but I also fell asleep many times, which is unfortunate. But, yeah, drove there in the morning, drove back through the night, and in between I saw maybe the best performance I’ve ever seen.

There’s more to say, as always, but I’ll leave it there. I have work to do.