how do you grieve for someone you never knew

It’s the question we find ourselves asking today.

There’s a power in sadness, in grief. And often it sneaks up on us. Even when we didn’t think it would hurt, we find ourselves in tears. Because grief, as ephemeral a concept as it is, we feel it like claws tearing us apart. We feel it as the fist choking our throats from the inside.

Grief is a precious thing. It is a deliriously painful thing.

And none will know it but for the pain in our faces.

And we never knew you but for a dream that didn’t come true.

And we will never meet you but for the hole in our hearts.

And we will miss you.

i’ll never know

Almost a week since Lily’s Death and it’s been hard on me, so I’ve buried myself in films and the words of Others and alcohol in order to not drown on my own sadness, a collapsing star with nothing left.

The first couple days were filled with me crying every few hours. Just breaking down, fetally, holding myself because there’s no one else left. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt this lonely. To live without her, to be without her.

I hear her every morning coming up the stairs but there’s no one there. And every night’s so empty without her here in my bed.

This house is a mausoleum of all the moments that meant all the world and more to me.

But I push on. Keep walking because what else is there? I can’t even bare my soul to others, tell them how much she means to me or I break down again, and all I have are the tears she used to keep away.

In other news, I need to find a date for New Year’s, which is kind of difficult, if only because I don’t actually know that many people anymore. So it goes.

Reading lots of books, breaking my own heart.

But there are still women and there’s still wine.

Beauty still exists, even if you no longer do.