the next two seasons of lost

Are a pretty mixed bag.

The same problems with the characters persist, for the most part. Kate is consistently horrible and makes you hate your eyeballs, but Jack manages to improve. Lots of new characters, who are both horrible and awesome to have around. There’s still no real sense of females on the show. I think we have a total of three female characters who manage to be in most of the episodes.

Anyrate, after the very exciting lead up to the finale of season two, we move into what are probably the worst, like, ten episodes of any show ever. Or at least the most aggravating. It’s nonstop Kate and Jack, which is like intentional suicide, as far as this show’s concerned. Luckily we have Sawyer and Ben around to keep us at least able to keep going. They spend however many episodes in cages doing dumb shit that doesn’t really matter. It’s all the worst to watch. We do get to know the Others a bit better, though we learn very little about them as a group, and nothing new about the island. Except that it seems to be rejecting Ben, which is quite interesting, at this point. While everyone’s cancer disappears, his sprouts up. We meet Juliet, too, who’s sort of a mix for me. I hate her mouth. There’s something about the shape of it and the shapes she makes it into that just hurts my eyes. Most of the Others are all right, though the writing still falls into the trap of thinking things are only interesting when people are yelling and/or pointing guns at one another.

We learn here, though, that Sawyer is clearly the only intelligent one captured. The only one intelligent enough to understand how outclassed he is here.

Anycase, back at the camp things are much more interesting. Mostly because there’s no Jack and Kate to worry about. People get along, there’s moments of humor and pathos, John returns to being jungle John and therefore awesome, though he’s not in the show as much. Eko’s great, but the show makes the terrible and incomprehensible decision to kill him off the show, seemingly at random. However, we get a lot of Desmond, which is so so so great. And, even better, he starts sort of slipping in time. I can’t even begin to explain how cool this is to me, that a character on a primetime television show starts seeing the future.

Charlie returns to being likeable, after the absolute weirdness they put him through in season two. Hurley’s consistently awesome, of course. There are two new characters that apparently everyone hates a great deal. I guess they didn’t bother me because they weren’t really in the show, except for a few scenes here and there. Also, they didn’t seem markedly different from any other annoying assholes on the island, so I didn’t give them much thought. Oh, also also, we skipped the episode that focused on them, because I was tired of all the extraneous episodes that led nowhere and had nothing to offer.

I also love how Sawyer is a reluctant leader. He’s sort of the opposite of Jack, who says he doesn’t want to be leader but keeps pointing guns at people and telling them to do what he says, like a maniac. The episode where Hurley tricks him into being a good leader is probably one of my favorite things, as far as character interactions.

Also, when they go back to save Jack from the Others. I really dug that, even though I found it incredibly aggravating, because they were such Katecentric episodes. What we did get, though, was Locke taking charge, and that’s always a good thing. He stops being on anyone’s side and just start living for himself, taking charge, not by force or coercion, but because he knows what to do.

Then we get into some Juliet business that no one cares about and Ben and the Others disappear, but then they reappear with Locke and we get to know Richard a little bit.

Basically, the first half of season three is horrible. The second half, and especially the last couple episodes, are incredible, and that awesomeness mostly stays through the fourth season, which brings me to something.

Everyone seems to think that the first three seasons of Lost are the best ones.

This is absolutely absurd. I can still barely believe I made it through them. At the time of writing this, I’m actually almost done with the whole series, and I know that everything after the middle of season three is about a thousand times better and more interesting than everything previous.

I think I mentioned this in my last post about Lost, but the writers of this show do not know how to write humans. They simply can’t. What they can do, though, is write interesting concepts. Lost is a conceptual show that thinks it’s character driven, but the show itself is what keeps you watching. The characters, I could probably do without. There are, really, only two or five really interesting characters. There are other ones who are great to watch, but I think that’s more because of the actors than the writing. Ben, Locke, Eko, Faraday, and Desmond are so intensely better than any other character. They’re fleshed out and alive, their motivations keep you going, and they’re acted just about perfectly. Speaking of, let’s talk about them.

Faraday is just awesome. It’s great to get a scientific perspective on what’s happening because we finally start to learn about the island. And we care about what we’re learning. I love his actor, too, whose name I don’t know, but he was great in Solaris. Anyrate, he’s a joy to watch and listen to,

And then we get the episode where Desmond timetravels and I forgot anything bad I ever said about Lost. I think it’s probably the best episode of anything I’ve seen besides Breaking Bad. It has an awesome concept that keeps getting trickier and cooler. It has the best character on the show as the focus. It has a plausible and convincing use of timetravel. And it has love. A love we care about. It goes from exciting and fascinating to being truly beautiful. I cared so much and I loved so much every minute of Desmond’s journey through time. And Faraday leads him there, leads him through time, and we learn that Faraday’s also slipping through time, or was before.

In addition, the show starts showing us the future after a few of them have left the island. This has mixed results, but is definitely better than the constant flashbacks. Also, the power struggle between Jack and Locke works out in such humorous ways. Oh, I forgot to say, as much as Juliet is a mixed bag for me at this point, she had an enormously positive effect on Jack, albeit a somewhat shortlived one. He mellows and becomes more reasonable. He thinks. At the same time, he’s still impulsive and impetuous, but at least I can tolerate watching him through the second half of season three and into four. I loved how many people chose Locke over Jack, though.

Oh, Miles is a cool character too, if only because he can hear the dead.

Anyrate: concept stuff. This is when the show really hits stride. After all the action and fighting, we get to know more about the island and we see the past and future begin to converge. We get explanations, which are much needed at this point. And we get Ben moving the island, while seeing how special Locke and Hurley are, and why they’re not like the rest.

Anyrate, I’ll probably be finishing the show this week and I’ll talk about the final two season, but season three and four are better than season one and two, and the second half of the series is so far head of the first half it’s almost humorous to think of it differently.