a public ransom and flying with molly



Two of the coolest people I know are currently running indiegogo campaigns for two very different projects.

I’ll start with the great Pablo D’Stair, who published my first novel, Ash Cinema, recently finished his first film, A Public Ransom. He’s a friend and probably genius and you’re going to want to see this movie, if nothing else. Details about the indiegogo are here:

So, my debut film A PUBLIC RANSOM is done and out there, available to all for free viewing online HERE. It was a pure underground, guerrilla endeavor to put together, this bleak little art-house noir–purposefully working with no budget and rudimentary equipment to make something in the bare bones spirit of so many filmmakers iconic to me.  As with everything I do, it was l’art pour l’art and came together exactly as uncompressed and non-solicitous as was the intention.

So what is this campaign then?

The single aim of this is to raise some additional money for entry fees to film festivals. I am draining my own personal coffers as much as possible as well, rest assured, but there are many opportunities–with it firmly in mind the sort of movie this is, I ain’t sending it to Cannes, dig?–that seem specifically tailored for films like A PUBLIC RANSOM and I would hate to miss those boats just for being a few bucks short.

To read more check out the indiegogo campaign page.

The next campaign is for the amazing Molly Gaudry. She’s been dealing with a brain injury for the last couple years, and she’s finally discovered therapy that truly works for her. In addition, she wants to bring this therapy to others. Molly’s an awesome friend, founder of The Lit Pub and one of the kindest people I’ve encountered. Details about her campaign here:

Why I Want To Become An AntiGravity® Fitness Instructor and How You Can Help

  • As many of you know, for the past few years I’ve struggled with double vision, cognitive functioning, and sensory processing disorder (explained in fuller detail here and here).
  • A few months ago, at the end of my first semester as a PhD candidate at the University of Utah, Dr. Ericson at the Rehabilitation Center’s Brain Injury Program said to me: “It’s time you start seriously considering a viable Plan B, outside of academia.”
  • Instead, I renewed my efforts in vision therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy (including vestibular, proprioceptive, kinesthetic, sensorimotor, listening, and sensory integration and regulation therapies), craniosacral therapy, myofascial trigger point release therapy, and mental health therapy.
  • Then I found AntiGravity® Fitness, which changed my life. And now I want to become a certified instructor so I can help change others’ lives.
  • I’m going to go into a lot more detail about all of this below, but right here I’d like to ask for your help: I NEED TO RAISE $7,000, which will go toward CERTIFICATION COSTS (outlined below, including indiegogo’s and other 3rd party fees). If you are able to contribute in any way, please select from the THANK YOU PERKS donated by writers, artists, musicians, photographers, editors, and publishers from all over the country. (If you are in a position to contribute and would rather not receive a perk, every $50 or $100 donation will go a very long way toward this campaign.)

Full details at the indiegogo campaign page.

So, yes, go help out some awesome people be somehow even more awesome.

business as usual

Some write ups went up today. First, at Manarchy Magazine, now edited by the awesome Pela Via, is a list of my ten favorite things of the week here. I’ll be doing these every week, so join in the fun and let me know what you think about my favorite things.

What is Manarchy Magazine? A good question. It was newly relaunched and has taken a sort of shift. I suppose it’s still meant to be a men’s magazine but it’s mostly just a culture and art type place where cool kids do cool things. Some of those cool kids are viewable here.

Also, a new recommendation up at The Lit Pub by me about Caleb J RossAs a Machine and Parts published by Aqueous Books, which is a pretty awesome publisher. Also, The Lit Pub only has a few more days left in its inaugural contest, so if you have a novel, memoir, poetry/short story collection or some such things, check out the information here.

So many links here. But, yes, you know, business type aspect here.

mornings remind me of you

These autumnal days resurrect me in the proper way and all I want to do is sit inside of it, breathe, and close my eyes for days and years, wake up in a new world that was always here.

Molly Gaudry‘s The Lit Pub is back! Click the link and browse around. There are even a few [five] posts by me about my favorite books, which can be found at the click.

Meant to be doing some reviewing, some reading, but all I want is to expand beyond my body and float into the sky, be a cloud.

And then because she’s my favorite ballerina and I love me some Prokofiev: