the internet is a flat earth

There was a dream that the internet would save us all, that it would bring us closer, open society, bringing new ways of thinking and doing and being.

As it evolved, we believed in that evolution. We believed in facebook, in twitter, and even, briefly, in google plus (or at least someone did, once). We believed it would bring us closer together, create pockets of civilization, a new way of collaborating, of discussing information, of sharing it.

But our dreams were a lie and now we’re left with a flat earth instead of a multiverse.

It’s fashionable to talk about social media as a curse, but there’s literally no reason not to believe that that statement is accurate. Studies have been and are being performed to show how damaging social media is for our social lives, our mental wellbeing, and even our sense of self.

I think what’s strangest is how these algorithms drive people to the fringe of thought. I’m reluctant to give too much credit to this, at least in terms of turning a “normal person” into a nazi, or whathaveyou. But there are people out there looking for answers, and when google or youtube or facebook opens up a thousand dark doors into depravity, we shouldn’t be surprised that some of these people step inside instead of slamming it shut.