Love that so so so much.

So I bought the site and whatever. Updated the publications page which was missing, like, ten reviews, and then another website that used to have four of my stories on it disappeared so that’s cool, I guess. Anyrate, I should maybe just collect it all somewhere, the stories. I’ve thought about maybe doing a short story collection. Maybe. I’d just put it on kindle and make it easy like that. I’ve thought about collecting these weekly stories I’m doing this year and doing the same thing.

Might be a good idea, maybe.

Anyrate, what else? The novel’s coming along. 45/100 perspectives in first draft form, 95,000 words written. Estimating the first draft to be around 250,000 and the final draft being nearer to 300,000. The word document is already 340 pages so I’m guessing it’ll be a solid 1,000 by the time this is all said and done, which is an absolute nightmare in terms of editing and selling. Really, though, not worrying about trying to find it a home. I imagine it’ll be homeless for a long, long time.