cipher sisters

Very excited about this new collection from ThunderDome Press, which has a story by me in it. It’s available right here. A lot of very cool writers in here. My copy’s on its way to my house right now and I can’t wait to hold it in my hands, because it looks nice. Pictures below.

I’ll give you a short sample of my story for the collection, which is actually the last story in there.

It was a map and it was her face. Canyons dug by time, ridges and precipices, memories of long gone days. Folds and creases made by unseen hands over a lifetime, their lifetime.


Time carved and wore down their faces, stretched their skin, stole their lustre. All of this taken by Time. Time who hid it. Hid it where they always looked deepest. Hid it where it would never be lost to love. Time stole all that they were, all their beauty and brilliance, and stored it in the eyes of the other. The eyes. Maps to their own shared and separate pasts. Every thought, dream, and prophecy stared back at them even as they projected new ones into those chasms.

You are my sister.

I am your sister.

You are me.

No, but we are one.

What will happen when I die?

I will come too, the sister said to her sister. Lie down now, dear. Rest. Sleep well and easy. You and I may die, but we will live forever in the dreams we share.

The sister tucked in her sister and shuffled on stiff and bony legs to the window where she watched for signs of the star.

To keep reading, buy a copy.

it’s been a while

I didn’t mean it to be but it’s difficult to update here lately. The last two months have been sort of completely crazy and I don’t really get time to myself anymore. Still waiting for life to balance out but it’s all right. Been doing a lot of interviews. I’ll post them in here and hopefully I’ll get everything updated. There’s always too much news to tell when I spend so much time away, so I’ll just say nothing, except that I’ve been doing terrifying things recently, like submitting blurb requests for a novel. You try writing to your heroes and see how you do.

The Cipher Sisters is finally available, which contains my creepy incestuous love story, The Sister is the Sister. I’m pretty excited about it.

Anycase, weekly interviews:

Peter Tieryas Liu

Christopher Barzak

Joyelle McSweeney

Craig Wallwork

Justin Lawrence Daugherty

Jac Jemc

Next week is xTx, so get ready.

Also, writing a novelette, which I’ll post about soon. It’s going to be serialised. Maybe even starting today.

give me thunder

…In Search of a City: Los Angeles in 1,000 Words

Inspired by photographs taken around the Los Angeles area, the book features short stories from 26 authors, including Craig Clevenger (The Contortionist’s Handbook, MacAdam/Cage Publishing), Richard Thomas (Transubstantiate, Otherworld Publications), Nik Korpon (Stay God, Otherworld Publications), Simon West-Bulford (The Soul Consortium, Medallion Press), Pela Via (Warmed and Bound: A Velvet Anthology, Velvet Press), Gordon Highland (Major Inversions), L.A. Poet Dennis Cruz, and emerging writers from around the world who are making their voices heard.

Each author was asked to select a photograph from a collection taken by the editor and write a story of precisely 1,000 words inspired by what they saw – no more, no less. The result is quintessential Los Angeles: Dreams, Drugs, Hallucinations, Romance, Life and Death, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, and Redemption. Like the city itself, the book is multifaceted, hard to label and even harder to put down.

…In Search of a City: Los Angeles in 1,000 Words 
Available on and
on November 23rd, 2011

next post

New story up over at ThunderDome called Upon the Sons, which was almost called Sins of the Father. All dialogue with nothing else. Hopefully it comes across well. Also, within that issue, the great and prolific Stephen Graham Jones has a story, too, which is all kinds of brilliant. He’s recently been nominated for the Bram Stoker Award, which is the bees knees in terms of horror writing for his short story collection, The Ones That Got Away, which is great. Truly unnerving schtuff.

In other news, i decided rap music is awesome a few weeks ago and decided, just the other day, that Kanye West is cool. Yeah, only a decade or so behind most audophiles, but i’ve always kind of hated him, for various reasons. He makes awesome beats, though. And he’s arrogant enough to make a short film, which is really just a long music video, which is kind of cool.


My story My On Fire Girl came out today at Thunderdome. Click if you’re feeling sentimental, in the mood for love. I quite like it.

Been feeling terribly out of sorts and maybe melting all over the floor. Not sure why, really. Brain broke.

Lunar New Year here, but my phone appears to maybe be broken again, so i’ll be watching movies and whathaveyou. I have five days off, so hopefully i can collect myself by next week. It makes it impossible to work when i feel like this.

Maybe i’ll get some words down. I sing a lot these days. To myself. By myself. Late at night. I don’t know. I need to do something so i sing, and i write so much about songs saving lives, so maybe it makes sense to me without knowing.

Keeping myself contained within my body. Easier said than done.